CLS has market knowledge and experience in both legal and tax consulting. We work in all areas of commercial taxation and advise on transactions spanning a wide range of industries under statutory law as well as Production Sharing Agreements. We are also experienced in handling disputes arising from tax-related issues. We provide our clients with business consulting services as well as expert advice on a full spectrum of Tax Law, Tax Practices and Procedures related issues including:

  • tax planning and structuring matters for M&A transactions as well as restructuring projects;
  • tax assessment of financing transactions;
  • tax risk identification in connection with commercial, financing agreements;
  • settlement and litigation in connection with claims brought by the tax authorities and tax refunds;
  • drafting of responses to requests from the tax authorities;
  • transfer pricing risk analysis;
  • tax advice within the framework of Production Sharing Agreements;
  • tax assistance in connection with liquidation of legal entities;
  • payroll services;
  • tax compliance;
  • accounting services.